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Ever since the dawn of woodwork, people have sanded their materials to a smooth veneer or to a softer edge for use in daily life. This work has belt disc sander reviewsoftentimes been arduous; but fortunately, the belt disc sander was invented so that woodworkers can sand their wood to a fine shape without the extra elbow grease.

The disk or disc sander has two components that can sand a piece of wood in two very specific ways. Its accuracy and ease make it one of the workhorse tools of the modern workshop.

What Makes a Belt Disk Sander Shine?

As mentioned, the belt disk sander can do a lot of work without much physical effort. It has two components: a disc sander, which spins in a circle, and a belt sander, which moves downwards. Each mechanical component has a coarse sandpaper-like material on it that wears wood down to a shine very quickly. Since it has two working sanding components, this version of the sander is considered to be the most versatile; you can pretty much sand anything with one.

That being said, belt disc sander uses should be limited to minor sanding and smoothing. If you need wood cut on a larger scale, a miter saw will be a far better product for your needs.

Belt Disc Sander Reviews

WEN 6502 4 x 36-Inch Belt & 6-Inch Disc Sander

WEN 6502The Wen 6502 is one of the more durable products of the products that we’ve covered here in our reviews. Additionally, this unit actually comes with a work table that’s constructed of strong but light cast aluminum. It also has very few plastic components, which will greatly increase the value of the unit, especially when considering that this is a very inexpensive disc and bench sander.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-change disc and belt assembly, this might be the product for you. It’s very intuitive and quick to change these components, which makes this device a very easy to customize belt and disc sander. Like the previous product, this device has a 4.3 amp motor and also has the ½ horsepower feature that makes finer smoothing and sanding jobs much easier.

The Wen 6502 also has a fairly light weight of 40 pounds so that you can quickly take the power tool to other locations where you might need a sander. The fact that it has a work table makes this process much easier as well.

Sanding Ability
Part Quality

  • It’s very inexpensive
  • It’s easy to change sanders
  • Has a sturdy construction
  • Has an extended blade guard

  • It’s pads wear out quickly
  • It’s not for tougher jobs
  • The safety guard’s tiny

Rikon Power Tools 50-151 Belt with 5″ Disc Sander

Rikon Power Tools 50-151Our first belt disk sander in our benchtop belt sander reviews comes to us from RIKON. These types of tools can be somewhat dangerous, especially on the disk because placing the wood or plastic on the wrong side can cause one of these products to jerk. Additionally, for some machines, there is the risk of nicking the belt sander while you operate the disc. With this particular belt and disc sander, RIKON has provided a way for owners to use their device safely.

First, it’s very difficult to accidentally hit the wrong end of the disc because of the guide on the disc’s platform. Secondly, the belt is raised to such a degree that even accidentally placing your material on the wrong side will not expose your hands or gloves to the belt’s surface. The disc rotates at a fairly crisp speed; it has maximum rotations per minute of 3450. The belt, on the other hand, has a rate of 1900 surface feet per minute. Overall, this is one of the most versatile models of belt and disk sanders available.

Sanding Ability
Part Quality

  • Sands quickly and evenly
  • Cast iron components
  • Can be vibration-free

  • It’s a little large
  • It’s not commercial-grade
  • Incline table doesn’t lock

Dad’s Note: Our top recommendation for budget vs value. Cast iron is solid, and worth the investment in a tool like this.

Grizzly H6070 Belt and 5-Inch Disc Sander

Grizzly H6070 reviewsOur second option for disc sanders is the Grizzly H6070. The first thing that you’ll notice, if you’re comparing this product with our first featured item, is that the belt section is located at an even safer distance from the disc sander. This allows for safe operation when using this product.

Additionally, the disc section of this sander has a protected assembly so that there is no top edge for your hands to accidentally come in contact with. The H6070 is primarily designed for smaller jobs, and actually, has a very lightweight form factor that will allow you to complete these smaller jobs with expedience.

Despite this, Grizzly has recently integrated some new holes in the body of the sander so that you can attach it to your work surface via screws. This adds a little more stability and also upgrades the product to being able to complete slightly larger jobs. Additionally, Grizzly also has designed this product so that vibration isn’t much of an issue. With the H6070, you’ll be able to accomplish all of the basic belt and disc sander uses.

Sanding Ability
Part Quality

  • Product is very quiet
  • Easy to move around
  • It’s safer to use

  • Not great for commercial jobs
  • The motor is weaker
  • Doesn’t have a bag

POWERTEC BD4600 Woodworking Belt & Disc Sander

POWERTEC BD4600This product by Powertec has a lot going for it. First, its usage of a 4.3 amp motor is a key indicator that this product won’t stutter, even under load. This is definitely a very reasonable amount of internal power, which lends extra stability to the disc and belt assemblies. Additionally, the belt sanding platform on this product can be adjusted from zero to 90 degrees, which adds a bit of customizability to your sanding jobs.

The disc sander on this product has a maximum RPM of 3600, and the belt assembly can reach speeds of 1900 FPM. The table cam also be adjusted so that you can work at angles of 45 degrees. Many of these types of devices have a fitment for a hose, the Powertec BD4600, on the other hand, is designed to attach a bag to its body. This is a pretty elegant way of dealing with the resulting saw dust from the sanding process.

In addition to its great functionality, this BD4600 also has a pretty sturdy construction. The majority of the unit is comprised of cast iron that’s protected from rust. This means that under moderate use, this product should last for years.

Sanding Ability
Part Quality

  • It’s inexpensive
  • Has several angle options
  • It’s a space saver

  • Feels a little cheap
  • Balancing the belt is difficult
  • The bearings are weak

Rockwell RK7866 Belt & Disc Sander

Rockwell RK7866As part of Rockwell’s ShopSeries, the RK7866 is designed to provide a near commercial grade of sanding without the need for overly expensive components. There is a lot of horsepower in this model due to its 4.3 amp motor.

Additionally, the Rockwell RK7866 also allows you to run at ½ horsepower so that you can have a more controlled performance. The belt on this device is a 4×36 unit that allows for a zero to 90 degree level of adjustment. This feature is very useful for those projects that you need a little more sanding control. Since belts inevitably wear down and need to be replaced, it’s good that this product has a quick release belt tension lever that allows this process to be done quickly.

The sanding table is also adjustable from zero to 45 degrees, which also gives you a degree of customizability. The disc is also very versatile for a bench top disc sander, though its sanding surface is a little harder to replace quickly.

Sanding Ability
Part Quality

  • Belt tightener is excellent
  • Has a very versatile belt
  • Heavy duty motor

  • Doesn’t have a dust bag
  • If not adjusted, can fail
  • Some parts are plastic

Uses of a Belt and Disc Sander

These types of products really provide a lot of extra versatility when you need to sand and smooth wood or plastic. While many of these products aren’t commercial-grade, these home-based units are still perfect for many at home jobs. Here are some examples:

Smoothing Surfaces
The bread and butter of a belt and disc sander, you’ll find that there are no better products out there for material smoothing. If you have a piece of wood or plastic material that has a rough surface, simply use the belt portion to sand it down to a smooth veneer. Remember, always sand parallel with the wood grain so that you can avoid scratches.

Sanding Several Pieces of Wood to a Uniform Size
This is also a very handy use for one of these products. When you need to uniform roundness to a wood end piece, simply clamp your boards together and use the disc assembly to achieve the curvature that you want. This is very convenient when sanding furniture pieces or simply rounding edges for another project. This type of gang sanding is perfect for a wide variety of jobs.

General Shaping
Disc sanders are more for shaping wood than merely sanding it. If you want to ensure that the wood that you are cutting is straight and doesn’t have any irregularities, simply cut it with your miter saw. Then use your disc sander to save the edges from splinters and imperfections. Always remember that you can only use one end of the disc sander; if you use the wrong end, it will propel the wood upward, which can expose your hands to injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it best to get an adjustable belt for my next disc and belt sander?
A benchtop disc sander that employs an adjustable belt sander is typically more versatile than those sanders that only allow for one position. Think about it this way, when your belt sander is positioned at 90 degrees, you’ll be able to see what you’re doing better.

Why get a hybrid unit? Aren’t dedicated disc and belt sanders a little more capable?
While this was once the case, hybrid disc and belt sanders have come a long way. Today, there’s less danger of injuring yourself on the belt assembly while you use the disc and these products also have more than adequate power for most jobs. Additionally, these machines are more cost-efficient as well.

How do these products handle sawdust?
Products tend to hand this in two ways: either with an output hose that sends the sawdust out of the room or it collects it in a bag. When sanding on any of the products in our bench sander reviews, always wear eye and mouth protection.

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