Best Compost Bins of May 2017 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Composting may not be the most manly thing, but if you are a gardener like my wife and I are, it’s pretty awesome. Let’s talk about what we consider to be the best compost bins…

We’re big fans of having a compost  pile mainly because it replicates mother natures natural recycling plan, but it actually happens at a much quicker rate if you’ve got the proper conditions. Basically, it starts out as a stinky blob of trash and dirty waste, but there are some really awesome and easy compost system that you simply put the waste in to decompose, let it sit for awhile, and viola you’ve got some fantastic natural garden fertilizer!

The Two Essentials To Composting

  1. Aeration
  2. Moisture

Heat is fantastic at assisting both of these, and combined with moisture can aeration can turn the crummiest potting soil into some fantastic gardening soil that is fungi, bacteria, and earthworm rich.

Top 5 Compost Bins & Tumblers

Bins Vs Tumblers, What Should I Use?

Composting BinsComposting TumblersCountertop CompostersWormeries
Bins traditionally are larger than tumblers, and really they are simpler to use. You just dump all your waste into the bin, pretty simple. Bins are also stationary and do not rotate like a tumbler does, but the downside is that they do not aerate quickly causing them to take longer to convert to a usable compost soil. This results in only being able to run a few compost cycles annually.

Some folks use multiple bins and rotate them to keep fresh compost year round, so you can certainly do that and to accommodate yourself to the different growing seasons.

Tumblers are smaller than bins, but they combine both the perfect ingredients to produce a much quicker compost. Smaller batches, but less production time… that’s the main thing to compare when you are deciding which type is for you. You should rotate your tumbler regularly to supply the needed aeration.
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Yimby Black Composter: Editor’s Top Pick

yimby tumbler reviewThis is one of the most popular compost tumblers out there, and we can happily recommend it. This is a single chamber compost tumbler, but is two in one. You can have one processing compost, while pressing another one. Basically the two cyclinder inputs allow you to rotate so you never run out. It’s capable of tumbling a whopping 37 gallons worth of compost at a given time.

Built in HDPE panels are used to absorb and retain the heat needed to create humidity to prosper growth.

  • Size: 36  x 31 x 28 inches
  • Weight: 80 lbs
  • Material: Light weight HDPE Panels
  • Feature: Dual turning chambers

  • Composts in 4-6 weeks
  • Made from recycled plastic that will not rot
  • Self-spinning so no pitch fork turning required
  • Above ground so rodents are less likely to get inside

  • Assembly required which can be time consuming
  • Screws can rust with wear and tear

Dad’s Note: I actually am really excited for this compost tumbler and am a huge fan of the innovative dual chambers within 1 tumbler. If there was just one chamber you’d basically have to use all of that compost at once or relatively quickly for the fungi and bacteria to stay alive and foster growth. That’s not an issue at all with the dual chambers.

Presto Products Geobin: The Budget Friendly Option

Presto-Products-Geobin-Composter-Reviews-The-Best-Bins-and-TumblersWe’ve voted this the most affordable compost bin because it is! You can find it for under a hundred dollars at multiple online stores including Home Depot. It’s great for storing yard waste and is definitely the composer bin for leaves and grass clippings.

It’s extremely easy to access with a huge opening just as about any bin does. It’s light at under 10 lbs which means you can easily move it around your yard if need be. The big thing to keep in mind when using a bin is that properly laying and developing a proper and rich humus.

  • Size: 3.5 foot diameter x 36 inches height, (216 gallon capacity)
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Material: Light-weight plastic
  • Feature: Easy accessible opening & adjustable size

  • The bin is easy to assemble
  • Has good ventilation
  • The price – we can’t think of a better commercially available compost bin for the price.

  • The bin is open at the top so animals and other pests could get into the bin
  • May need additional stakes to keep the bin from falling over

Dad’s Note: a 3 foot measured diameter makes it very easy to dump rakes full of leaves, grasses, dirt, etc into the bin. A pro tip is when using a big, make sure you do proper layering. .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vermiculture/Vermicomposting?
In basic terms, Vermicomposting is the process of using worms to initiate composting. Traditionally the most commonly used worms are traditional earthworms,  red wigglers, and white worms. Vermicasting is the end result of matter breakdown through worm poop.
What is a good apartment composting bin?
You just need something that is relatively small. We suggest putting your composting bin out on your balcony or having a small one that sits on your kitchen counter. We’d recommend something like the EarthCycle Compost Bin
How can you tell when compost is ready?
Your compost will have a texture similar to soil. It will be very dark and small like soil.
What kind of animal/pet waste can be composted?
Dog poop is a hugely composted pet waste.
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