Best Floor Jacks of May 2017: Reviews & Buyers Guide

Probably one of the most underappreciated tools in your garage is the floor jack, also referred to as a trolley jack. The floor jack makes lifting the vehicles we work on quick, easy, and safe. They provide us with a stable platform and maneuver to positions where we need them most.

Without a quality floor jack, many of our projects would take considerably longer to complete. In addition to making our projects easier, they also help to make them safer. The design of a floor jack keeps the center of gravity low, closer to the floor. This helps with stabilization and thereby reduces the risk of the jack slipping.

However, picking the right floor jack is not as simple as you might think. Floor jacks come in various sizes, lifting capacities and profile designs. Having the wrong jack for your task can not only make the task more challenging, it can also be very dangerous. Attempting to lift a load that your floor jack does not have the capacity for can cause some serious damage to not only your vehicle but more importantly, to you.

In this post, we will cover important topics you need to know before you start shopping for your next floor jack. We will cover the different capacities, types of profiles, vehicle-specific floor jacks, the different types of materials floor jacks are made of, all of which are important factors you need to consider when you start shopping around. And finally, we are going to help guide you in the right direction by providing you with information on some of the best floor jacks currently on the market.

Types of Floor Jack

There are two categories of floor jacks, hydraulic and mechanical. Both are designed to provide amplified lifting force through either pumping a handle, or by turning a large screw. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Hydraulic JacksMechanical Jacks

Hydraulic jacks are available in two primary styles, bottle and floor jacks. Floor jacks are long and can easily be maneuvered across your shop floor and placed into position. Bottle jacks, which get their name from their bottle-like shape, have to be carried and placed where you need it. While you can use a bottle jack for automotive purposes, a floor jack is better designed for such tasks.

Hydraulic jacks are more efficient than mechanical jacks and some models can reach their max height in as little as three to five pumps of the handle. They also require less effort on your part to use. Floor jacks can be very heavy due to the levers used to increase their lifting range. Bottle jacks typically weigh less, but at the cost of reduced lifting range and stability.

Mechanical jacks are fairly lightweight and compact and do not require maintenance like a hydraulic jack does. These are the types of jacks you typically find in a vehicle. Scissor jacks are the most common type of mechanical floor jack. They utilize a large central screw that converts the input force into lifting force.

The main disadvantage to mechanical floor jacks is that they require a great deal more effort on your part to use. Another disadvantage is their stability. Unlike a hydraulic trolley jack that has a large base for optimal stability, a mechanical scissor jack has a narrow base which diminishes it stability. Additionally, mechanical jacks can take a good deal of time and effort to reach their maximum lifting height.

Things To Know When Buying

Now that you have an understanding of the different categories of floor jacks, let’s take a look at some of the other important considerations you need to make before you decide on a specific model.

Construction Material

If your new floor jack is going to be used primarily in your garage or shop, then we would have to recommend that you stick with the steel floor jacks since they provide better strength than the aluminum models. However, if you will need to move your jack from location to location, then an aluminum floor jack would work better for your needs.

Lifting Capacity

The lifting capacity of a floor jack is a big factor you need to consider. Floor jacks lifting capacities are measured in tons wit the most common being two and three-ton models. The two-tone is ideal for small to medium vehicles while the three-ton floor jack is better suited for mid to full-sized vehicles. If you have to lift very heavy vehicles, such as Super Duty trucks, 15-passenger vehicles or very large SUV’s, you may want to consider a five-ton floor jack.

Lifting Speed

For most floor jacks, you can reach maximum lifting height in about 10 strokes. However, you can reduce this to six or even three strokes by getting a floor jack that has a quick lift system.

Lifting Range

Floor jacks are available with different lifting ranges and minimum heights. If you will need to lift vehicles that have high lifting points or will have to lift vehicles to considerable heights in order to work on them, you need to consider a floor jack that has a high lifting range. However, if you spend most of the time working on smaller vehicles, or low profile vehicles, then the lifting range isn’t as important as is the profile of the floor jack.

Design Profile

The design profile has to do with the way a floor jack is constructed, either low profile or standard profile. Standard profiles are fine for working on most types of vehicles that do not have low ride heights. For vehicles that do have a low ride height, you will need a low profile floor jack.

Vehicle Specific Jacks

Small & Midsized CarsLight-duty TrucksSUVs & Heavy-duty TrucksBusesMotorcycles
For smaller cars and midsized cars, you don’t really need to have the capabilities to lift a Peterbilt semi. A 2 ton floor jack is the ideal floor jack for car that will provide you with plenty of lift and won’t be so big that it will not fit under the vehicle.
When you are working on vehicles that are heavier, such as larger midsized cars and light-duty trucks, you will want to have a little more muscle for lifting. A 3 ton floor jack works best as a floor jack for truck. It should provide you with plenty of lifting force without being “overkill”.
When you need a floor jack for SUV or heavy-duty truck, you should use a 5 ton floor jack. Yes, a 4 ton floor jack would probably suffice, but with the varying weights of these types of vehicles, it is better to have too much lifting capability, than it is to not have enough.
If you work on vehicles such as buses or heavy-duty vehicles, then you need to look for a heavy duty floor jack starting with a 6 ton floor jack, up to a 10 ton floor jack for maximum lifting capacity and safety. However, as stated above, it is better, and safer, to have more than you need than not enough.
Motorcycles require a special type of jack. While the traditional floor jack has more than enough lifting capabilities to handle a motorcycle, they cannot properly support it while you are working on it. In this case, you need to look into a specially designed floor jack for motorcycle.

Our Top Floor Jacks By Ton Measurement

Now that we have all of the finer details taken care of, let’s get to our picks of the best jacks for each type. These these floor jack reviews were selected based on construction, capabilities, and most importantly, quality. While there are plenty available on the market that you can choose, these have been selected

Best 2-ton Floor Jack

Arcan XL20

Arcan XL20 reviewThis low profile jack features dual pumps for faster lifting, which means quicker repair times. Its low profile enables it to get into tight, 3.5-inch clearance areas while still providing you with 18.1-inches of lift. The steel frame also helps for added safety while you’re working under a vehicle and the built-in overload protection will help to prevent any accidental damage. Lowering the Arcan XL20 can be done with the handle raised or lowered to the ground for added versatility.

  • Low profile with good lift range
  • Can be lowered with handle up or down

  • At nearly 100 lbs., it is very heavy for a small jack

Best 3-ton Floor Jack

Powerzone 380044

Powerzone 380044This 3-ton floor jack combines aluminum and steel in its construction to provide strength while keeping the weight at a reasonable 59 lbs. It has a minimum height of 4-inches and a maximum height of 18.25-inches for ensuring you have plenty of clearance. The rear wheels swivel and allow for optimal maneuverability while the quick lift system cuts down on repair times.


  • Quick lift system reduces lifting times
  • The 4-inch height means it can be used on most small car models

  • Given its size, it could have a higher lift range

Best 4-Ton Floor Jack

Hein-Werner HW93667

Hein-Werner HW93667 reviewThis lifting beast features a cast iron lifting arm to handle serious loads. It can be operated in two ways, manually or with air and the long chassis allows for reaching secure locations under vehicles. The dual piston action makes for fast lifts and the sealed hydraulic unit prevents moisture and debris from entering. Even though this monster weighs nearly 240 lbs., it is easy to maneuver with quality casters. With the Speed Pak technology, you can lift a vehicle up to 25.75-inches quickly, making this a solid high lift floor jack.

  • Massive lifting height
  • Heavy-duty cast iron lifting arm

  • Kind of bulky for smaller shops

Best 5-ton Floor Jack

ATD 7390 Long Chassis Service Jack

ATD 7390 Long Chassis Service Jack reviewPerfect for SUV, heavy-duty and light-duty applications. The precision metered release valve gives optimal control when lower heavy loads. The 7390 has a wide stance to further and a low center of gravity, providing maximum stability and safety. The heavy-gauge steel frame prevents twisting and distortion when under heavy loads. Features a foot pedal for getting the saddle to the point of contact quickly.


  • Lightweight for a jack of this size at only 175 lbs
  • Large diameter saddle ensures solid contact with lifting point
  • Made in USA

  • Given the minimum height is 7-inches, you would expect a better maximum height

Best 6-ton Floor Jack

Craftsman 6-Ton Hydraulic Jack

Craftsman 6-Ton Hydraulic Jack reviewThis bottle jack is one of the few to make our list. However, don’t let its small size fool you. This little guy is a beast when it comes to lifting some serious weight. Included with this model is a convenient two-piece handle that breaks down for easy storage in the built-in storage clip. The minimum height is a little over 8.5-inches and has a maximum lifting height of just under 17-inches. With it not being as large as a traditional floor jack, this bottle jack can easily be used in places where large floor jacks can’t go. Additionally, at only 12 lbs., it won’t break your back while you are using it.

  • Small size makes placement in tight spots easier
  • Grooved saddle provides a good grip

  • With a narrow base, it doesn’t provide the same stability as a traditional floor jack

Best 10-ton Floor Jack

Torin T81001 Long Chassis Service Jack

Torin T81001 Long Chassis Service Jack reviewFor those that need a floor jack with a lot of lifting muscle, the Torin T81001 is probably what you are looking for. The extended long chassis keeps you away from large vehicle overhang and can easily lift 10-tons. The handle can be adjusted to three different positions and is also removable. Lowering your load is as simple as twisting the handle and the large 6.75-inch saddle ensures the contact with the vehicle is solid. With a minimum height of 6.75-inches, the T81001 has a maximum lifting range of 22-inches. This massive 360 lb. monster is ideal for larger shops that work on heavy machinery and equipment.

  • Solid welded steel construction
  • The saddle is easily removed if needed

  • Being over 5-ft., this model is not suitable for smaller shops

Best Motorcycle Floor Jack

Powerbuilt 620422E 4000-lb. Triple Lift Jack

Powerbuilt 620422E 4000-lb. Triple Lift JackWhen working on a motorcycle, you need a jack that can not only lift the bike but also support. This Powerbuilt model provides just that with a 4,000 lb. lifting capacity and large padded lift rails. Highly durable and easy to use, the 620422E is also very versatile. The lift rails can be removed so that you can use this jack for other applications. Another feature that makes this floor jack stand out is the locking safety bar. With the bar, there is no need to mess with cumbersome jack stands.

  • Padded lift rails
  • Removable rails for mult-functional application

  • Manufactured in China (con if you are made in USA supporter)

Whether you are a weekend mechanic that likes to spend his free time in the garage working on your 1982 Chevette project car or the serious professional mechanic that spends the better part of his days crawling under vehicles, having a solid, high-quality floor jack can make a repair easier and safer to complete.

We hope this post has helped shed some light on what to look for when you are trying to pick your next jack, and we hope that our pick of the best types of floor jacks makes your selection that much easier. Good luck.

Russ Kannigan

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