Best Snow Blowers of May 2017: Reviews & Buyers Guide

mmm snow 🙂

It’s fun for about one week, and then it becomes a pain in the butt to reuse your snow blower every dew days as flurries keep on coming.

Yup, been there. Done that.

More than likely you’ll need to make your purchasing decision soon, because once the first snow happens these things start flying out of stock every year. I’ll be covering what I’ve looked for in the past when making my purchasing decision, and I hope it will guide you in the right direction as well. Snowblowers are note cheap, at all, so it’s important that you weigh the decisions heavily.

Consider the space which you’re looking to regularly remove snow from. Is it a small driveway or maybe even just a sidewalk? If so, then check out my snow rake reviews (these work better in smaller square foot areas). Now, we really are fans of good quality blowers because they can handle deep snow removal like nothing else, and modern day ones are even self guiding meaning they’re easy to push and navigate.

Types of Snow Blowers

Gas Powered(Gasless) Electric - CordedTracked Blowers

Gas powered snow throwers are a popular option, however in recent years the shift is being made towards electric. Gas motors tend to act a little funny if they haven’t been run in awhile or the gas hasn’t been properly drained. You have to worry about gunk collecting in the carburetor and so on.

Our Recommendation: Power Smart DB7659A

Electric snow throwers rely on an electrical cord plugged into typically a 120v outlet. They come in a variety of sizes and can handle multiple depths of snow depending on which model you purchase.

Our Recommendation: Snow Joe Ultra SJ624E

Tracked snow throwers are handy for large plots of land. These types of blowers operate using two gripped tracks that rotate forward or backwards depending on which direction you want to go, rather than utilizing wheels.

Our Recommendation: Ariens ST24LET

Top 5 Snow Blowers

Benefits of Owning A Snow Blower

Benefit #1: You don’t need to pay other people $50+ consistently to remove snow

Paying someone to clear snow gets very expensive, very quickly. Companies know that people need their snow cleared, so they seize the opportunity to choose exorbitant rates. By owning your own machine, you no longer have to deal with these people and can remove snow as you please.

Benefit #2: They last for many years and in the long run save you money

Take good care of your snow removal device and you can expect it to last for many years. Since they are seasonally used they do not wear out as quickly. Your maintenance also determines how long long it will last, if you have an electric one it will require less maintenance than a gas powered snow thrower. If you have a gas machine, make sure to regularly flush the carb before non-snow season storage.

Benefit #3: They can handle deep snow with ease

Don’t feel like plowing or shoveling your snow for a few days? Most modern day snow blowers are designed to be able to hand up to 8-10 inches deep of snow or more! This means you don’t need to consistently be out there after each snow and can spend some time doing other things, like staying warm!

Comparing Two-Stage vs One-Stage

Frequently Asked Questions

What size snow blower should I buy?
This depends on the square footage you are looking to blow, as well as how often you intend to let the snow accumulate. If you tend to not let snow accumulate, you can use a smaller size blower. If you like to blow or live in an area where 6+ inches can accumulate relatively fast, we suggest you go for a larger option.
What are the downsides to owning a snow blower?
If you purchase a gas powered snow blower, you’ll need to always keep gas on hand. For snow blowers in general the downsides are pretty much that you have to sacrifice space to store them.
Why are they so expensive?
Partially because the market is willing to pay the price, however mainly because these things are complex machines.


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