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How To Load A Staple Gun (3 Easy Steps)?

how to load a staple gun

Being a DIYer is all about being resourceful. Now, resourceful to us simply means that you work with what you’ve got, you research (like you’re doing now), and you put in the sweat equity to make progress on your project. In this case, you’re looking for information on how to load a staple gun. Don’t […]

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Christmas 2016: Mason Jar Snowman DIY Project!

  Today we’re going to be covering a fun idea we found on Pinterest. This is a DIY project that is perfect for bringing the family together (our favorite activity). This cute mason jar snowman makes the perfect holiday decoration or gift. It’s cute and easy for kids and adults to make! Materials Needed Steps […]

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How To Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger: May 2017

Homeowners and renters alike have been faced with the situation of unclogging a toilet without a plunger. It’s not fun, but it’s real life. A clogged toilet can happen at anytime, and for any reasons (bad plumbing, pipe kink, etc). The scary thing about a clogged toilet is the potential for leaks and flooding. They […]

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How To Remove Black Ice From Your Driveway

Black ice is a very dangerous type of ice that forms on asphalt and certain surfaces typically used in the northern part of the USA. If you’ve ever lived up there or even visited, chances are you’ve seen it and not even noticed it. What Is Black Ice? Black ice forms when the air has […]

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