Christmas 2016: Mason Jar Snowman DIY Project!


Today we’re going to be covering a fun idea we found on Pinterest. This is a DIY project that is perfect for bringing the family together (our favorite activity). This cute mason jar snowman makes the perfect holiday decoration or gift. It’s cute and easy for kids and adults to make!


Materials Needed

Steps To Create

Step 1) Hot glue the black buttons to the jar to look like eyes

Step 2) Shape the orange clay into carrot shape, hot glue below eyes to look like a nose

Step 3) Apply a thick coat of Decou-page to mason jar

Step 4) Sprinkle frosty snow all over decou-page. Apply liberally to make it look like snow.

Step 5) Let it dry

Step 6) Shape red pipe-cleaner and red pom pom’s to look like earmuffs. Hot glue to mason jar lid

Step 7) Put LED mini candle inside mason jar and screw on top

Step 8) All done!

Shout out to Chica Circle for the great mason jar idea and fantastic pictures. They’ve got other great family craft ideas that you should check out.




Russ Kannigan

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