Excalibur Scroll Saw 16-inch Review: May 2017

The Excalibur Scroll Saw 16-inch is a miniature version of it’s grandiose 30-inch variant. With this version, you get a unique and more compact design while still getting all the components of its big brother. The design on this Excalibur Scroll Saw is exclusive that provides a smoother cutting operation and has one of the most stable platforms you will ever witness for a scroll saw setup. There won’t be any issues with cutting straight or miter cuts (of any angle) when it comes to this scroll saw.

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The most prominent feature on this 16-inch scroll saw from Excalibur is its snap-to-change hanging blades. There is no need to get some additional tools or expertise as you can safely do that all by yourself.

Let’s take a look at some more features on this scroll saw.

  1. Unique tilting head

One form factor that really matters while picking up a scroll saw is its head. You get a tilting head that provides great adjust ability and mobility. Whether you want to cut through a miter or bevel, squared or straight cut, this scroll saw will do it precisely. The arms of the heads can be tilted to as much as 45 degrees that provide better control for noise, vibrations and any other factor that could ruin the precision. You don’t have to tilt the table; instead, just tilting the head can do the job quite Excalibur Scroll Saw 16-inch reviewconveniently and precisely.


  1. Easy Blade Change

As aforementioned, easy blade change is one of the most amazing features on the Excalibur. With just a little snap, you can change the blades without using any tools or hurting yourself in the process because all the safety instructions are provided so that the users can easily change the blades without cutting themselves. To make the blade replacement easier, the scroll saw has blade clamps that can be used to easily replace a dulled blade with a newer one.

With its wide array of capabilities and versatility, this scroll saw is the perfect tool to have in your workshop.

Now, let’s take a look at some other specifications on this machine that further elucidate on its quality and abilities.

  • Great packaging: To ensure that you could easily transport the it, it comes with a special double-boxed cardboard and ¼ inch plywood to keep it safe.
  • Quietness: Is noise on the scroll saw a big issue for you? Don’t look anywhere because this saw is ingeniously quite; in fact, it’s the quietest machine that you would come across.
  • Accessibility: You can easily access the top and bottom arms and can also change the blades effortlessly.
  • Blades and manual included: You don’t have to buy the blades separately; they are included in the package.
  • Upper arm lift: Do you have a fret work that require intensive blade threading, the arm on this scroll saw is the ideal tool.
  • Large work area: To effortlessly use a scroll saw, you need a large work area; the scroll saw has a large 12 X 18 ½ inches surface area; perfect size.

Guest User Experiences

Having spent years in workshop, I know the significance of having a great scroll saw, because it’s the single most important cutting tool. Apart from the blades that are included in the package, you could also pick the standard five-inch blades from any of your nearest hardware stores. To get the most out of my scroll saw from Excalibur, I have additionally purchased skill blades that really aggrandize the cutting power on this machine.

I really enjoy working on this saw because of its large work area; something that I find pertinent for accurate cutting. This scroll saw is highly adaptive and suitable for any kind of woodwork projects.

What Do Other’s Say?

The downside

I know that Excalibur is a relatively unknown brand and doesn’t have the reputation of a company like DeWalt, but I have been using this scroll saw from last two years; the only point where I had to face a little inconvenience was when the machine broke down. It wasn’t easy to get it repaired and the parts had to be shipped from Canada which really adds to the whole repairing cost.

The lowdown

If you are a tech-savvy person who only cares about the convenience and features on a scroll saw (and price), Excalibur Scroll Saw 16-inch should be your call, but if you want something more widely known, then you should go with DeWalt, because in the latter case, you have an easy access to the spare parts and the repair costs aren’t considerably high too because of a standard design on all the scroll saws from DeWalt.

It’s is a cheaper brand with costly repairing and replacement, and if you are okay with shipping parts from Canada, there isn’t any harm with getting a scroll saw from them. Then, you should also consider the fact that it is intuitively smart and more advanced than many other scroll saws. The varying speeds, adaptable and flexible scroll saw are some of the reasons what makes it great for workshop projects, toy creation and woodworks. And if you aren’t fine with the 16-inch model, you can also pick their 21-inch or 30-inch variants.

Note: This was a guest posted submitted review. We are happy to publish reader content to further educate our readers on products or services that they may be interested in.

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