How To Load A Staple Gun (3 Easy Steps)?

Being a DIYer is all about being resourceful. Now, resourceful to us simply means that you work with what you’ve got, you research (like you’re doing now), and you put in the sweat equity to make progress on your project.

In this case, you’re looking for information on how to load a staple gun. Don’t worry, it’s quite simple, you just need the proper staples.

Step 1: Find The Push Rod Release

Traditionally it’s a small square shape found on the backside of the staple gun. Once you find it, push in (or perhaps grip both sides) and engage to release the push rod.

Step 2: Insert The Staples In Place of The Push Rod

This part is pretty straight forward, however you need to make sure the staples are the same as previously used. There are different size staples, so you don’t want to insert staples that are too small or too big because they could make your tool malfunction (bad news).

Step 3: Re-insert Push Rod Assembly That Was Removed In Step 1

Now you’re going to take the push rod and rod lock that was removed in step one and simply insert it to apply pressure to the staples. Essentially what this push rod assembly does is apply pressure to the staples so that when you engage the staple gun trigger a staple is outputted into the desired material.

After you’ve completed steps 1-3 you should be safe to start using your gun again! I recommend always doing a test staple after reloading just to make sure it’s been setup properly. If things don’t workout right, take the push rod off again and double check that you’ve inserted staples properly / applied the push rod insert and lock properly after staple insertion.

What does a heavy duty staple gun do?

They’re effective for home DIY projects as well as heavy duty construction projects. You’ll find that people have a variety of uses including stapling conduction wires to 2×4’s in house building, holding materials together, reinforcing support.

Russ Kannigan

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