Makita Mac5200 Air Compressor Review: May 2017

The Makita Air Compressor Mac5200 is spectacular for big projects. In this review, we’ll be covering what we believe the key benefits of using this air compressor.

Who Is It Best For

This equipment is great regardless if you are working inside a garage or outside on a job site. Its large wheels are able to go on terrains that other air compressors are unable to roll on. The Mac5200 is also great for winterizing a sprinkler system by blowing it out.

Likes & Dislikes

◾ Easy portability
◾ Long lasting due to material quality
◾ Convenience in built in storage and air hose wrapping

◾ Heavy
◾ Came with a substandard manual (no illustrations)

Specifications & Details

There are tons of details and specifications of the Makita Mac5200. For one, even though this compressor is heavy, it is still great because the heaviness contributes to it being durable and sturdy. Weighing about 100 pounds, its air tank is 5.2 gallons, the pneumatic wheels are 8 inches in diameter, and its industrial-sized air filter allows for easier maintenance and better performance. Other great aspects include it having a foldable handle which allows easy storing, and the Mac5200 has a hose wrap that allows up to a 50 FT hose and a built-in storage compartment.

Upon researching for this Makita Mac5200 review, editors have rated the great performance this compressor has. The cast iron cylinder, for one, has a great stroke and bore for more power. Also, being 6.5 CFM at 90 PSI allows this machine to simultaneously run two framed nailers, an impact wrench, a plasma cutter, and other tools. It only takes two minutes for this machine to go from 0 to 140 PSI. The tank is also well sealed and has the capability to hold pressure overnight, if desired. Also, there is a very fast recovery time which is great for improved performance. This provision comes from its cast iron pump with a big bore piston and cylinder. However, if you want a compressor that runs non-stop, you must look elsewhere because this compressor have a 50 percent duty cycle.

For this Makita Mac5200 for sale, it has tons of even more features and specifications, and they are as follows:

  • Oil-lubricated pump great for reduced wear and cooler running temperatures
  • Durable cast iron cylinder increases the life of the pump and reduces wear and tear; it’s easy to remove for easy maintenance.
  • Folding handle along with a low profile design that is easy to store with the handle folded
  • Rugged wheels for portability on jobsites
  • The storing of tools by tool hangers when not in use
  • A large air filter that’s industrial and of automotive style for greater efficiency and increased air intake
  • Roll cage construction for extra motor assembly and pump protection
  • Oil sight glass allows for easy, fast, and efficient maintenance.
  • Reduced moisture from the air and increased heat dissipation due to the tubing being finned and discharged
  • The tank drain valve improves upon standard petcock design for easier maintenance due to the lever handle ball valve.
  • The front of the pump has a convenient oil drain for easy access.
  • Additional motor protection due to its built-in thermal overload
  • Possesses Compressor Oil
  • Possesses a 1/4″” Universal Fast Coupler
  • Includes an one year manufacturer’s warranty
  • It consists of 13.8 Amps, 120V, and 1800 watts.

With all of these features, one can see how beneficial this is for huge jobs. And with a lot more likes than dislikes (the dislikes are minor by the way) along with a warranty, what more can one ask for?

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