3 of the Best Pocket Hole Jigs For May 2017

You may find quite a few tools that are useful for work at home, and you must purchase a pocket hole tool that will help you make quick work of everything needed in the house. You must purchase a tool that you will find easy to use, and it will come to you with with instructions that are easy to understand. You will quite enjoy working in your own home on new projects that are made possible by a pocket hole tool, and you may purchase a tool that suits your personal building style.

Why Use A Pocket Hole Tool?

You may avoid using the hammer and nail when you go for a pocket hole tool, and you must ensure the tool is used on every furniture or cabinetry project in the house. Everyone who has a new project to build in the house often sees their work fall apart when nails lose their hold on the furniture.

You may create pocket holes that fit together with your dowels and fittings, and the pocket hole tool helps you create consistent holes that are quite steady. The edges of the holes are not gouged badly when you are drilling, and you will feel each new connection slide into place in the exact same manner.

The Top 3 Tools For Pocket Holes

You may use any of the three tools listed for pocket hole creation, and you may review their attributes before making a purchase. The tools you have purchased are to be stalwarts that stay in your tool chest for decades, and you may return to the tools at any time for a new project. Try any one of the three, and you will enjoy building something new.

Sommerfeld’s Pocket Hole Jig – Cast Aluminum

You may purchase the Sommerfeld’s kit if you are a beginner, and professionals will quite enjoy the kit’s simplicity. You will note everything you need is in the kit, and you may complete all your work using the tools contained within. You receive a pocket hole jig, a drill guide for large and small jobs and a pocket driver that comes with a depth stop. The kit remains simple to use even in the most complex operations, and you may tighten the clamps using a simple Allen key.

There are over 100 pocket hole keys you may use during the creation of your newest project, and you will find the exact size you need for the job. It is quite simple to customize your projects for customers, or you may build them to match other jobs within the house.

Drill Master Portable Pocket Hole Jig Kit

The Drill Master portable kit is designed to remain as small as possible, and you will find it quite simple to open the kit when you have work to do. Everyone who needs a new pocket hole kit will find everything they need in a basic package, and you may carry it in even the smallest tool bag. Bring the kit along when you are planning a new job, or you may bring the tools when you must visit a customer’s house.

There are quite a few people who may carry a pocket hole tool kit for unexpected jobs, and you will fit it into even the smallest places where you may store tools. Pack the tools in the bottom of your tool chest in back of your truck or keep it on your tool belt.

More than a hundred tools are included in the kit, and you will find it quite exciting to have the option of making your own pocket holes.

Kreg K4 and K4 Master Pocket Hole Jig

You will find everything you need in the small took kit offered by Kreg, and you will find a large jig that helps you create any holes you need. You receive quite a few parts in your kit, and you must ensure you have the kit with you when it is time to piece together a new project. The kit comes with quite a few options, and each one brings you closer to building something that will last.

You will find a drill guide, a dust collector and massive jig for your personal use. You may create more than one hole at a time, and you will find several different bits that will help you create pocket holes suitable for cabinetry or furniture making. You need not spend your time guessing with hammers and nails when a pocket hole tool kit is available.

You may select any of the tool kits above for new projects in 2016 and 2017. It is quite simple to keep the house in fine shape when you create your own pocket holes with a simple tool kit. Set up the frame to keep your drill steady, and you will enjoy the style created as the drill digs into each piece of wood. You will create something beautiful that is quite sturdy, and the projects will withstand even the harshest use in your home.

Russ Kannigan

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