Porter Cable Impact Driver 20 Volt Review May 2017

Impact Drivers are important tools in a workers’ arsenal as they help him/her to complete the most boring task inunnamed his schedule, that is drilling holes on surfaces as well as screwing and unscrewing screws from any surface. A variety of impact drivers are available in the market today, both in corded as well as cordless avatar. The advantage of cordless impact drivers or corded impact drivers is their ability to be used at any place, even when electricity isn’t available due to the fact that they run on batteries.

On the other hand, corded ones are tethered to a plug at all times and therefore require a plug point nearby in order to run. Many people are still skeptical of cordless drills and think that they do not have enough power for heavy-duty work due to them being powered by low-voltage batteries, but the prevalence of lithium-ion batteries have led to the development of cordless drills packing lots of power suited for heavy industrial work.

Today, we look at the Porter Cable PCC640 Cordless Impact Driver, which promises powerful performance in a lightweight body.

Specifications & Details

Before we talk about the Porter Cable PCC640 Cordless Impact Driver in detail, we take a quick look at its specifications.

  • Has a 1/4 hex chuck for effortless one handed use.
  • 1450 inch/pounds of torque.
  • Weight of 3.2 pounds with battery and 2.5 pounds without battery.
  • Has a variable speed transmission 0-2900 RPM/0-3100 BPM.
  • 20V lithium-ion battery with a 1.5 Amp/Hour power rate.
  • Single-LED work light for illumination in dark areas.
  • Also has rubber bumpers for added protection against drops.
  • Belt clips which can be used for holstering.
  • Compact size which is ideal for working in tight spaces.
  • Battery gauge indicator to display battery level.

What’s In The Box?

In the box, we find a PCC640 driver, 2 batteries, charger, kit box and Philips screwdriver. There are versions available in the market though, which only have the PCC640 driver.

Our True Impression

On first impressions, the Porter Cable PCC640 Cordless Impact Driver feels nicely built with rubber bumpers for added durability. The bottom part holds the battery, which itself comes with rubber protection to prevent damage during drops. The impact drill comes in an industrial gray color, which looks good and contrasts well with the black rubber beadings and red battery. The compact dimensions of the impact drill are an added bonus too, which allows it to be used with ease in cramped spaces. The back side of the impact drill has ventilation holes to allow the motor to run cool for extended periods. Overall, the look and the feel of the device is excellent and we have no complaints regarding it.

On attaching the battery and switching the machine ON, we are surprised by the power this little drill has. The machine has enough grunt and can be very easily used for heavy duty works with ease. The motor in this is a champion, also featuring variable speed transmission of 0-2900 RPM to suit different work needs. The battery of the Porter Cable PCC640 Cordless Impact Driver is great and the machine goes on without fail and the battery gauge is very helpful for determining how long the machine will run. The machine also has a LED light to illuminate the working region, though the intensity is a bit less and we would have liked the inclusion of more LED lights.

Pictures & Videos

The Porter Cable PCC640 Cordless Impact Driver is a great device, be it for DIYers or be it professionals working on the front lines the whole day. It has a compact body, feels durable and has a powerful motor to boot. The battery life is also good considering the dimensions of the driver. The machine is an excellent choice in a sea of options which is further cemented by the reviews of the products present everywhere. A recommended purchase.

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