Best Rotary Hammer Drill of May 2017: Reviews & Buyers Guide

Rotary hammer drills are a great option for those who want more power and versatility than a standard rotary drill allows. With all the same best rotary hammer drillsfunctionality as the standard drill, hammer drills have the additional benefit of featuring a second motion along with the standard rotating feature.

While spinning, the drill-bit will hammer in and out repeatedly and help to break through difficult materials. This action will allow users to create bigger holes, and they can do so in a shorter amount of time.
Since a rotary hammer drill allows users to drill at faster speeds, they are a more efficient choice than other drills.

The additional force and hammering motion means that less effort needs to be put into the drilling process, making whatever task is being worked on easier and more efficiently done. Below, we have listed the five best hammer drills currently on the market and discuss this tool in greater detail.

Top 5 Rotary Hammer Drills

Hiltex 10513

This hammer drill from Hiltex is extremely powerful and can assist users in completely even the most heavy-duty projects. With a 1000 watt motor, the Hiltex drill delivers and incredible 5 ft-lbs of impact. This amount of force will allow users to drill through concrete, brick, and even solid steel. Users of this drill have three options for how to use it, making it just as versatile as it is powerful.

The Hiltex can be switched between standard rotary, hammering, and rotary hammering motions according to preference, so users can use one convenient tool for all of their projects. The six speed control just adds to the versatility and makes this the best rotary hammer available.

This drill is corded and electric, and it weighs in at about 16.6 lbs. At this weight, users may find the drill more practical for their heavy-duty projects than their everyday drilling needs. The textured handle offers an exceptional grip and gives users the best possible control over their drilling and hammering. The Hiltex comes in a set, which includes one universal chuck with an adapter and key, one depth gauge, one bottle of oil, three 6″ SDS drill-bits at 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm, one 10″ flat chisel, and one 10″ pointed chisel. With all of these included items, users can begin working on their projects immediately without any hassle at all.


  • Powerful enough for concrete, brick, and steel work
  • Full set includes everything needed to begin a project
  • Three different functions allow for standard rotary drilling, hammering, or a combination of the two


  • Too heavy and rugged for easy everyday drilling
  • Chuck sometimes loosens during use

Dewalt D25263K

This hammer drill has an 8.5 amp high-performance motor which delivers 2.2 ft-lbs of pressure. This powerful drill can tackle almost anything the user wishes to work on, including drilling and hammering through concrete. The integral clutch that is added to this drill reduces sudden high torque reactions in situations when the drill-bit becomes jammed.

At only 12.2 lbs., this drill is relatively lightweight, especially when considering how ruggedly and durably it has been constructed. The Active Vibration Control feature provides a significant amount of shock absorption, meaning that less vibration can be felt in the handle of the drill and the user can control it for longer periods of time without becoming fatigued.


  • Lightweight but still extremely durable
  • Shock absorption for reduced vibration fell


  • Hammering function alone not as powerful as rotary function

Bosch RH328VC

This rotary hammer by Bosch is unique because of its power-to-weight ratio, which is unmatched by any other brand currently on the market. The Bosch motor delivers 2.6 ft-lbs of impact energy but only weights 7.7lbs, making it exceptionally easy to control compared to any other brand. Its force makes this drill hammer an ideal product for construction and demolition projects, as it delivers an incredible 4000 blows per minute in the hammer mode. The three-finger variable speed trigger allows for users to control every move they make.

The Bosch features shock-absorbing vibration control, so the user’s arm will not be as affected or grow tired too quickly. Additionally, this drill features an internal clutch to protect from damage in case the drill-bit gets jammed. The gears will automatically stop operating once the drill-bit becomes jammed so that no internal components of the tool or the drill-bit itself take any significant damage.


  • Unmatched power-to-weight ratio
  • Variable speed trigger for better control


  • This drill being so lightweight also made it less durable than some of the more rugged hammer drills

Makita HR2475

The Makita hammer drill is a corded electric drill with three modes: hammering, rotating, and rotary hammering. It features sequential impact timing, which allows for timed hammering as the bit rotates, meaning that there will be less overlapping between the two functions. This makes the drill operate an incredible 50% faster than it usually would

This drill hammer has exceptional balance because of the rubberized D-handle, so users can be sure that they have good control over whatever they’re working on. At only 10.7 lbs., this drill can be used for longer periods of time before a user’s arms become fatigued and need a break.


  • Sequential impact timing makes drilling 50% faster
  • Exceptional balance due to D-handle and light weight


  • This drill wasn’t build to be extremely durable, so super heavy-duty tasks may be difficult

Milwaukee 2712-20 M18

The Milwaukee rotary drill hammer is extremely durable and easy to handle, delivering 1.7 ft-lbs of impact energy. Instead of an electric cord, this drill is battery powered and needs to be charged up before use, but one charge should last an entire day of work. It has an anti-vibration system which keeps the user comfortable and in control during use, even on heavy-duty projects.

This drill was constructed with durability in mind, and can handle heavy-duty projects without taking damage. Unfortunately, this product comes as a bare tool without any kit, case, or accessories, unlike many other rotary drill hammers on the market. Purchasers will need to already have or additionally buy the required drill-bits and accessories to begin using this drill.


  • Highly durable for heavy-duty projects
  • Cordless design


  • Bare tool, no kit, case, or accessories

Types of Rotary Drill Hammers

cordless hammer drill. These types of rotary hammer drills are an excellent option for users who need a drill that can go anywhere with them. Simply charge them up and take them to any location necessary. They are great for doing on-site projects and outside jobs where no outlets are available, but might not be the best concrete drill. They are best suited for DIY and light-duty jobs. Hitachi is a good brand for anyone looking to buy a cordless drill.

gas-powered rotary hammer drills. These are an incredibly heavy-duty type of drill and demolition hammer that run off of fuel rather than electricity. They can be exceptionally powerful and are often used in factory settings, as they can be quite heavy and require a lot of effort to control. These drills typically aren’t for everyday use and are most beneficial to serious construction workers and builders. Hilti makes a good quality gas demolition drill.

pneumatic rotary hammer drills. This type of hammer drill runs off of either pressurized air or fuel. Much like the gas-powered option, this type of drill is more heavy-duty than other options. While being highly powerful, pneumatic drills are generally more difficult to use than the other options. Pneumatic drills are best for skilled construction and factory workers. We don’t have one listed in the above rotary hammer reviews, but Klutch is a great brand for high-quality air drills.

Pre-Purchase Decisions Tips

  • Make sure you are buying the right drill for the job you will be doing. For example, battery powered drills might not be a good option for heavy-duty concrete work, and corded electric drills might be too rugged and heavy for everyday DIY jobs. Always keep your intended purpose in mind and try to find a cheap but effective hammer drill for that purpose.
  • It is extremely beneficial to buy a drill that comes as a set. A carrying case makes the drill more transportable, and accessories like rotary hammer drill bits and chisels are always good to have on hand if you need to take your drill with you. Most drills will at least come in a hard plastic carrying case.
  • Choose a drill that delivers a high number of blows per minute and a good amount of impact energy. This will allow you to use your drill the most efficiently, finishing projects cleaner and faster. However, if you choose an incredibly powerful drill, you will also want to make sure that it is equally as durable and rugged. Otherwise, it might not hold up against damages from concrete or heavy metal impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a hammer drill more effective that a standard rotary drill?
While rotary drills can only spin the drill-bit, rotary hammer drills also rapidly thrust the bit in and out of the material you are working with. This creates more of an impact and can break through surfaces like heavy metals, concrete, and brick better than just a rotating bit alone. It will allow you to finish the job faster and to make bigger holes when necessary. Typically, these drills will offer the versatility of three different functions, so you will have the option to use it as a standard rotary drill if the hammering function isn’t necessary.
Is weight or durability more important when choosing a hammer drill?
While both of these features are important, it is really dependent on the intended use which is more important than the other. Lightweight drills are typically easier to control for longer periods of time. However, a more durable drill will hold up against damage even while working with harder materials. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and one isn’t necessarily a better option across the board. Consider what you will be using the tool for before browsing for a hammer drill for sale.
What is the best type of rotary drill hammer to start with?
If buying your first rotary drill hammer, we recommend a corded electric hammer drill. They have the potential to be a cheap hammer drill, and they offer more power than battery-powered options. Their versatility makes them an ideal purchase for almost anybody. The only exception to this would be for skilled construction or factory workers who will be using them for the heaviest-duty work. In those situations, we would recommend using a pneumatic hammer drill that operates with pressurized air.
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