Ryobi HP53LK Review: May 2017

Cordless screwdrivers are a great addition to anyone’s toolkit, as they speed up one of the most repetitive industrial tasks, that is, doing and undoing screws. They are a great time saver, and for those who value productivity and time, they are a great companion.

Pocket sized and lightweight, they go a long way in helping the worker to focus on his/her task more rather than getting bored. Today we look at one such screwdriver, the Ryobi HP53LK cordless screwdriver.


The Ryobi HP53LK offers several features, which are given in the handy list below:

  • ¼ inch chuck
  • 4-volt motor
  • Cordless
  • 24 position clutch w/ 2 speed gear box
  • Built in LED light
  • Forward & reverse controls
  • Tool weight of 2.1 lbs
  • Removable battery compatible with other TEK4 products

Warranty & In The Box Items

The packaging consists of the Ryobi HP53LK cordless screwdriver, an AP4001 TEK4 rechargeable battery, an AP4800 battery charger, bit set, storage bag and an operator’s instruction guide. The Ryobi HP53LK comes with a long 3-year warranty to ensure hassle free servicing in case of defects.

Look & Feel

The Ryobi HP53LK has a predominant plastic construction, which makes it lightweight when compared to other screwdrivers in its range. It also has rubberized grips for holding it which provides excellent grip and control while working with it.

There is also a forward-reverse switch which is conveniently placed so that one does not have to stretch fingers while using it. The chuck is made of metal and feels durable. Overall the screwdriver feels great in the hand. The construction of the machine makes it seem that the cordless screwdriver can easily withstand rough use without breaking a sweat.


The Ryobi HP53LK cordless screwdriver has a 4-volt motor, which makes it ideal for medium duty work. It has a 24 position clutch with a 2 speed gearbox which ensures that one can easily adjust the torque for a wide variety of operations. This means that the screwdriver can be easily used for various types of screws with ease. The cordless screwdriver is extremely lightweight, which ensures that it can be used without the worker suffering fatigue in his/her hands due to the weight.

This is an added bonus as this ensures the work can be done fast and with less breaks. The Ryobi HP53LK is also cordless, which means it can be used for tasks which do not have power in the vicinity. Also the fact that the batteries are removable makes sure one does not waste time while the battery charges.

For comfortable screwing and unscrewing in bad or no lighting, the Ryobi HP53LK also has an integrated LED which illuminates the working area when in use.

The Ryobi HP53LK has an added bonus, in which it can be used as a drill for thinner or flexible surfaces easily. It also features a “quick-connect” chuck, which ensures that the bits are locked and unlocked by simply a push or a pull, making the work with the screwdriver easier. The one issue with the screwdriver, in our opinion, is the switch, which needs to be pressed harder to engage. We would have preferred a switch which engages with light force.

Likes & Dislikes

  • Lightweight
  • Manual Torque Adjustment
  • Built-in LED light

  • Some users complain of the directional switch

The Ryobi HP53LK is an excellent option for a worker who deals with a lot of screwing and unscrewing stuff on his/her task list every day, as it speeds up this repetitive task and makes it less boring for the worker. The saving of time and energy also means that productivity increases as more work can be completed in the same time with lesser effort. Plus, the warranty timeframe is an added bonus. A recommended purchase for the workforce.

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