Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Compressor Review: May 2017

Senco PC1010 reviewCompressors are an important machine for people working in the home renovation field, as it provides their machines with the required power to do the work. A good compressor is a must, as a worker should be able to focus on their work instead of caring about the compressor.

The market today is filled with compressors of various dimensions and types to cater to various work needs, which makes it confusing for even the best of us to lock in on a particular model. We strive to clear your confusion, and for that purpose today we have the Senco PC1010 up for review.

Specifications & Details

Before talking any further about the Senco PC1010 compressor, we will take a look at its specifications to have a better understanding of the product:

  • Peak capacity of 1 HP, running capacity of ½ HP
  • 20 pounds weight
  • 4 x 50 ft dimensions
  • 4 amps at 115V
  • Max output of 120 psi
  • 20 to 44 drives per minute
  • Regulated output pressure
  • ¼ quick disconnect coupler
  • Pump up time of 128 seconds


In the box, we get the Senco PC1010 compressor which is fully assembled, along with the usual instruction manuals and the warranty information leaflet. The machine carries a standard warranty of 1 year, which we feel is a bit short and would have preferred a 2-year or even an 18-month warranty.

Look & Feel

The Senco PC1010 comes pre-assembled out of the box, so one would not have to waste time assembling themselves or waste money by getting it assembled from a professional. The aluminium tank feels nicely built. The whole chassis is solidly built too, and looks like it can take a beating or two easily.

The relatively lighter weight of 20 pounds and the compact dimensions of 4 x 50 feet ensure that the machine is extremely portable and can be carried anywhere with ease.


The Senco PC1010 comes with a 4 amps motor which runs at a voltage of 115V and has a maximum output of 120 psi. The Senco PC1010 also has a maximum pressure of 125 psi with an air capacity of 1 gallon and the rated power of the motor is 1 horsepower, with a ½ horsepower running capacity. This makes it suitable for finishing and trimming work as well as other small to medium-level jobs.

The motor is also oil-free which ensures that more time is spent on using it as a work tool instead of using other work tools on it for its maintenance. The Senco PC1010 delivers a drive ranging from 20 to 44, which means it is suitable for a variety of hammering tasks. The good thing about this machine is the fact that it generates very low amounts of noise compared to its competition, which makes it an ideal choice for indoor jobs. The Senco PC 1010 has a 128 second pump up time, which is low, but considering it is meant for small to medium tasks, is not that bad.

Also, this negative aspect is made blunt by the fact that the machine has a quick recovery tine of 32 seconds, to make sure less time is wasted on refilling and more time is given to the impending work. Another plus of the Senco PC1010 is the fact that the machine is electrically powered, so one is completely spared of the worries of fuelling.

The individual gauges are a boon and help to keep track of the pressures and the air levels. The Senco PC1010 has a ¼ quick disconnect coupler, which in our experience holds on and works well.

Likes & Dislikes

  • Portable
  • Oil-free construction
  • Electric
  • Minimal noise

  • Some users complain of the air capacity

The Senco PC1010 compressor is a perfect choice for those who have small to medium range work and also for those who are new with compressor tools. It has features which will be appreciated by beginner machine users like the portability, low noise and the ability to run on electricity.

These features also make the Senco PC1010 is very much suitable for indoor work, a feat which only few other compressor machines can boast of.  All this make the Senco PC1010 a perfect choice for those who are new to the field of renovation and/or home renovation jobs. A recommended purchase.

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