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The evolution of electronic devices, manufacturing processes, and technology has made modern life an exciting and incredible time to experience. For814yfskc1nl-_sl1500_ example, electronic devices have become faster, smaller, and less expensive than products available just a few decades ago.

Because of this, it has made many of the products available today into easily “disposable” items that now clog landfills and dumps everywhere.

This is due to many manufacturing improvements including the process of soldering for creating solid connections in a great number of applications including plumbing, circuit boards, stained glass, technical applications, and a countless number of other uses.

But, when the integrity of the solder is compromised or the connection is broken, people tend to dispose of the product rather than repair the damage. Items that were once considered to be “disposable” can be saved from this early demise by simply repairing the loose wire, bad connection, or broken seal with an easy to use soldering gun. What makes this tool so easy to use is the simplicity of the design and the soldering process itself.

A soldering iron is a hand-held tool that resembles a large pen with a metal tip and an electric plug-in cord. When users plug this cord into an electrical outlet, it heats up the tip of the iron to the temperature necessary to melt the solder. The solder is separate and is commonly stored on a roll and distributed to the area by the user.

When the tip of the pen heats the targeted area the solder is melted to a liquid state so that it flows over the desired area to create a solid soldered repair when it cools.

The concept is simple but the question that you need to ask is, “Which soldering iron is the best soldering iron for the particular repair job?” Check out the following soldering iron reviews of five of the top selling irons that you can purchase to help you keep your belongings out of the landfill, and the cash you save can be put right back into your pocket.

Vastar Full Set 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit

When you are in a hurry this units delivers 60 watts of power to get you on your project in no time. The improved steel-pipe design offers better heat dissipation for maximum efficiency and less operating cost. It is capable of delivering a heating range that is between 200 °c – 450 °c. This temperature range is plenty of power for such things as radios, hobbies, and electronic repairs.

There is no need for confusing installation of parts or pages of instructions with this plug and go tool. It is as simple as cleaning the parts to be joined, choosing and cleaning (tin) the tip that is best for the job, apply heated tip to targeted parts, and apply the flux-core solder. The 59 inch cable will allow you to move about your work area with ease and lightning speed.

The heating speed of this unit is the result of the PCBA chip fixed resistor improvements made to this tool. This reduces the current flow and allows for the adjustment of the temperature and control of the voltage that is being delivered to the tip of the unit. This is a crucial element for those who need to be able to adjust the heat of the tool from job to job.

There is a warranty for this product that lasts 18 months.
It is a light-weight unit; only 8.8 oz.
Temperature is easily adjusted with a manual control knob.
When first plugged in, the tip of this unit gives off some smoke. After this initial smoke clears, it should not happen again.
This unit is not grounded and it should not be used with electrostatic sensitive materials.

VicTsing Soldering Iron

This unit is the proverbial “right hand” for many hobbyists and multiple job enthusiasts; the 140 cm cable gives the user the freedom to work on large projects without a shortage of wire. For many solderers who work on a number of projects at one time, this unit allows them to turn the unit on and off without having to unplug between projects. The LED power indicator light will alert the user when the unit is on so as to help prevent accidental burns and accidents if the unit is left on.

When this aspect is combined with the upgraded PCBA Chip Fixed Resistor, this combination delivers a fast heating factor and workers can expect to finish projects in a minimal amount of time allowing time for even more projects! With a maximum output of 60W 110V, this iron delivers a punch of power from the second you flip the switch to the on position. With a range of temperature between 200℃ and 450℃, this tool is ready to handle nearly any job that needs to be done.

The innovation of the ventilation holes and unique design give this model of iron the advantage over their competitors when it comes to heating accuracy and heat dissipation; the handle design ensures a secure grip when the unit is in use. Covered by a 12-month worry-free guarantee and a 45 day money-back guarantee, users can use this tool for many projects with the assurance that they have the manufacturers support.

This iron is very affordable and easy enough for a beginner to use.
This product is covered by a manufacturers warranty and guarantee.
The new design with the steel-pipe design and holes in the tips help to cool faster.
If this iron is not used at either the lowest (200℃) or highest heat settings (450℃) the temperature of the tip may vary. To ensure the correct temperature, test the solder on a scrap piece of material.
This soldering instrument can not be utilized as a wood burning tool.

OMorc 6-in-1 60W Soldering Iron Kit

When it comes to getting into small spaces to repair or create soldered joints this unit can get into those spaces easily with the uniquely shaped anti-static tweezers. Among the other extras available with this tool, these tweezers give the user the advantage of pin-pointing the area with precision and ease to deliver the maximum output of 60 Watts of power and heating force to any project. This power provides a temperature range of 200℃ to 450℃, with a hand dial to adjust the temperature and to any desired temperature between the two.

This iron may come off as cheap, but the inclusion of the five different soldering tips gives the user the advantage of being able to work on different sizes of multiple projects. The fast heating and cooling aspects of this tool make the operation of the unit even easier; cool-down time and re-heat time are at a minimal. To ensure the highest level of safety, this unit is certified by CE, ROHS, and the FCC. Using the desoldering pump will help to prolong the life of the unit and keep the welds clean and strong.

The variable temperature allows for a number of different raw metals to be implemented depending on each individual soldering need. With the steel-pipe design of the heating unit, this iron is quick to heat and adjust safely. Securely enclosed in the slip-resistant and heat-insulated handle, the handle of this tool stays cool even at the hottest settings.

Five unique tips allow for use in a number of different situations.
The steel-pipe design delivers fast heating and cooling of the unit.
Lighted “in-use” LED light helps to prevent accidental burns and wasted energy.
The stand for this unit is thin and may need to be attached to a work surface to prevent it from falling over during use.
Included solder is not of the highest grade; investigate and purchase the correct type of materials for each job.

Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station

The light-weight design of this iron will benefit any user who spends a tremendous amount of time soldering such as in the construction of stained-glass. The sleek pencil design give the user the ability to work on large projects for prolonged amounts of time without discomfort or cramping of hands. The light-weight cushioned foam grip also offers a level of comfort that is not commonly seen among the units offered by the competitors.

With a range of 5 to 40 Watts of power, this unit is able to deliver a range of temperature options for which the user may choose, depending on each job and the specifications. Once turned on, the LED indicator light will light up indicating that this unit is delivering an abundance of power to the ST3 iron-plated copper tip. This highly functional and replaceable tip will heat up and can be adjusted with the simple turn of the temperature dial on the unit; from 5 to 40 Watts of power within minutes.

All of this power has been tested, approved, and listed as UL safe. Delivering all of this power through a 1.9 pound tool with For further assurance on safety and quality, the manufacturer offers a one year warranty against any manufacturer’s defects in workmanship or defects in materials.

This unit comes with a replaceable 1/8″ iron-plated, solid copper screwdriver tip and additional chromium and nickel tips that consumers may not find in another competitor’s soldering kits.
The pencil design of this tool allows for maximum comfort for long soldering sessions.
Tips for this model are constructed from strong materials such as solid copper that has been plated with iron for durability.
The design of the spring holder for the iron may be a hindrance for those hobbyists who are in a hurry; purchasing an inexpensive stand will allow for quick hands-free work.
The temperature of this unit fluctuates during use; allow a few seconds in between applications so the unit has time to heat back to the necessary temperature.

TasiHome 60W Soldering Iron Kit

This handy soldering unit is designed with a slim pencil design to ensure that the worker is completely comfortable during use. This slender grip is also very effective at keeping this iron from slipping from the worker’s hands during use. This is a great addition for workers who have a difficult time gripping large objects for extended periods of time.

The plug and go ablility with this units 59-inch cord gives the consumer an immediate 60 Watts (110 V) of power to the unit’s tip. The adjustable heat can be regulated between 200°C amd 450°C, depending on the setting for the specific needs of the project. This is the perfect solution to many worker’s dilemmas when they are in search of a 7-inch unit that can cover many different temperature ranges and requirements.

Unlike many other units on the market, this one comes with an extra tube of solder and five extra job unique tips from the manufacturer. The manufacturer stands behind this iron and all of the accessories and workmanship with a 18-month warranty and the invitation to contact them at any time with soldering concerns.

This unit has a unique see-through design.
Easy operation with a plug and go concept and an additional anti-static crocodile clip to ground the unit during use.
This unit has a temperature insulation ring inside to minimize heating of the unit’s handle.
This unit does not come with a stand; purchasing an inexpensive stand will solve the problem.
There is no padding on the handling portion of this unit which may be uncomfortable for some users.

What to look for when buying a soldering unit

What is the wattage or power of the unit?
Units with low heat settings of around 200 degrees are great for working on small electronics or for hobbyists.
Units with higher temperature settings in the 400’s are necessary for jobs involving plumbing and many other high-heat applications.
What type of soldering iron is needed?

When considering all of the models on the market, there are four basic types of soldering irons to consider;
-Soldering Irons/Guns
-Soldering Pencils
-Soldering Stations
-Soldering Systems for Re-work or Repair

Are the tips replaceable?
It is important to have the ability to replace worn out tips for maximum efficiency and quality of soldering produced. Many manufacturers offer additional tips and accessories to accommodate their soldering kit or their soldering tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this iron is grounded?
If the plug-in cord has three prongs on the plug-in end, the unit is grounded. If there is not a grounded plug, the unit should not be used in anti-static situations.

Why are there different wattages available for the same iron?
There is a range of wattages available to the consumer because the melting materials that are used in soldering require different temperatures in order to melt and complete soldering jobs safely and efficiently.

Why should I use a plug style tip soldering unit?
This type of tip sits in the heating element end of the unit and delivers heat faster giving the unit a faster warm up and thermal recovery time over those units that do not offer this type of tip configuration.

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